I don’t know what to do! I literally cry about this constantly it’s making more depressed then I already am ! Female

A few months ago I started to feel hair all over my body constantly and it made me feel sick .. I realised it was my hair shedding it was more then normal and

I can’t live like this my hair keeps falling out like crazy it’s getting thinner I use to have really long hair and I cut it recently soon I won’t have any hair left..

I’m literally scared to wash and brush my hair so I leave it for a week and it gets even worse and becomes knotted but I’m scared to even touch it .. I have no idea what to do !!!

When I shower my hair falls out probably a good chunk and when I brush it it’s Even more Should I go to the doctors I’m scared about what they will say.. also a area of my scalp feels weird and tingly and it feels constantly irritated

This doesn’t sound like typical hairloss imo, I think you should see a doctor to find out what’s causing it. I can’t imagine the panic you just be going through, but please know it’ll be ok! Do your best to find a flattering look in the meantime

I literally cry about this constantly it’s making more depressed then I already am.. my dad confronted me and said why is there so much hair in the bin did you cut it ..

I said no it’s just from me brushing my hair so it made me feel even worse .. I asked my mum crying and she said my hair seems fine but it will probably just keep getting worse.. also posted on /hairloss I’m just totally lost

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I felt miserable since I had pretty great hair when I was a teenager


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