Hair transplant- Week 5

That looks really good ngl

Thanks man!

Really like following your process I have a HT over a month and it’s nice to see what I can expect. Success with the shedding fase

Cheers man 🙂 yeah it looks like I could dodge the shedding phase and keep growing (fingers crossed)

Have you gotten any pimples?

I had a few but not many. I kept my head clean and constantly sprayed it with copper peptide mist. So my healing was quicker. Pimples are a sign of folliculitus I think

Looks good. While your temples are at a NW2 to beginning 3 were you able to fill in those areas more? Or was it not possible?

Hey man. I wanted them filled in more, dr advised me during my measurements that this is beat suited as any more would result in over harvesting. Basically I can only play with what I’ve got. But he did mention if I want a second transplant then could be done then considering how this turns out 🙂

continuing reading the article

Hair transplant 2 weeks post-op

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