Hair transplant- week 4

Nice! Didnt know you could do a transplant without shaving all hair.

I had DHI so I didn’t have to shave, and I only got my temples done

keen to have this done myself, is much more expensive?

I had to pay and extra £500 from the initial £1990 price

As opposed to sapphire FUE, DHI transplant the hair directly into the head using a Choi pen without making incisions. Less blood, faster healing, higher survival rate and more natural look 🙂

Where did you get it done?

Turkey at dr serkan Aygin 🙂

Hi man 🙂 as mentioned in previous posts I wanted to be discreet about my transplant and have always been covering my balding. If I shave it will do me no favours In that aspect as the transplanted hair will shed 70-100% then grow back slowly for the next 8 months

continuing reading the article

Official progress at 12 weeks.



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