Hair transplant- Week 3

Are the transplanted grafts supposed to fall out before they regrow?

Yes they are meant to fall out between week 2-5. But they regrow after. There is a very rare occasion that the hair continues to grow

Looking amazing keep us updated please

Wow, nice recovery and hair styling. Wouldn’t have any idea. Who did you go with and how many grafts did you get?

Cheers bro. I’ve just recently moved back in with my parents and nobody knows anything 🙂 I went with dr serkan Aygin in Turkey and got 3000 grafts

Hey man. Yeah I summed it down to 3 clinics HOI,cinik or serkan and went with serkan. Overall experience was better with serkans team and spoke to tothere that had it done there and decided to commit. They are performing during the pandemic, you will get a covid test over there. They do a set price for £1990 max grafts. I paid £2490 because I went for the DHI method and that was everything excluding flights

Hey all, week 3 now. Missed some days as I had been away and never got the chance to take some pics. But you can still see the progress. I am having a small amount of shedding, prob around 30 hairs a day. Decided to get a hair cut around the side and donor which helped blend it in more than I thought. Again I am happy to answer all questions and PMs so ask away :). Thanks

continuing reading the article

I don’t know what to do! I literally cry about this constantly it’s making more depressed then I already am ! Female

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