Hair transplant- Day 6 Post-Op

Cool many. How many grafts and where’d you have it done?

3000 grafts and got it done in Turkey:)

Looks good. I’m day 5 post op so in the same stage. Can’t wait for things to grow in. Donor area looks great.

Nice one mate 🙂 have you had any dislodged grafts or issues?l

none at all so far. I was actually pretty paranoid about this so I’ve been extra careful. What about you?

Yeah I’ve lost a few prob around 7 during the first few days and a random one or two there after. I lost one two days ago that hurt so much. But my grafts seem to be very secure now and in getting less anxious about losing anymore

Makes sense. I only had 1400 grafts so I had a lot less area to worry about. The only thing that concerned me was sleeping but I made it through using one of those airplane pillows.

How did you lose them? Bumping head, accidentally scratching, sleep rollover, etc?

Ahh that not too bad 🙂 I used a neck pillow also, works wonders for keeping head still at night :).

I lost grafts by accidental touching, trying on a different hat, shampooing (tho I think these where dead grafts anyway), putting on a t shirt. All things I should have really been more careful with but managed to mess up. Your expected to lose grafts anyway. I’d just rather not lose the hairline grafts which I don’t i I did

continuing reading the article

I don’t know what to do! I literally cry about this constantly it’s making more depressed then I already am ! Female

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