Hair transplant Day 5 Post-Op

Hey guys. Day five. Already crust/scabs from both donor and recipient site have come off. I think misting my site and keeping the moist through the day has helped a lot with the healing process along with the use of copper peptide serum at night before going to bed.

Grafts seem a lot more anchored feel stronger. You cans till see some bruising at the sides and the donor area is getting less noticeable 🙂

Hey, just a question. Why did you get transplant in your sides and back as well? The current hairstyle trends all have short or no hair on the sides and lower back of the head. Did you consider this while deciding about the transplant? Could’ve been cheaper that way

Hey man. I didn’t get an hairs transplanted into the back. As for the sides it was only a few that the doctor suggested because my hair is a dark blonde and changes colour immensely in the light to a light blonde and for some reason the side of my head has much lighter hair.

So he added some grafts for greater density in that area. Does that answer your question 🙂

Why are you stressed, if you don’t mind me asking? Is it painful or something? You have a reason to think it won’t turn out great?

Me personally, I’d say it seems like they did a really solid job lining it up, etc.

I know what you mean about the hairline, man. It’s gonna be WEIRD having a hairline I can feel great about again. It’s gonna be an AMAZING relief.

Stressed in a sense that the there is an unlikely chance that body could reject the transplanted hairs. It just me thinking negative and the worse of things lol.

And also when I wash my hair it seems like I’m losing grafts which panics me but apparently it’s just hair shafts seeing that there isn’t any bleeding . There was no pain whatsoever. The worst I got from it was the swelling and yellow bruising. The odd itchy head also but I sort that out with some mist spray.

Cheers man a lot of people saying it’s been done well! Which is a big confidence boost!

I know! I’m wondering what I’m going to do with it haha

It’s gonna be great, dude. Don’t even sweat it.

Keep us all posted with some monthly updates, if you can!


Appreciate it man! I will keep you guys updated throughout :)!

continuing reading the article

There’s always hope. If your loosing your hair go see a doctor

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