Hair transplant 2 weeks post-op

Super interested to see how this turns out., looks good so far.

Cheers man. It feels a lot denser on the recipient site than my hair has ever felt

If youre worried about ig looking thicker compared to the rest, ‘d imagine that’s also because it’s very short at the moment and there’s scabs there as well.

I guess sit back and wait now. Hopefully the meds will thicken up the rest.

With that frontal transplant you will be able to do the swept back hairstyle that is popular right now, this will give it a dense look and feel, should look great

Yeah I was thinking that also, let it grow a bit and see then. All the scabs are gone btw 🙂 no more flakes coming off either.

Yeah hopefully, I’ve been reading that minoxidil can shave a month of the new growth phase. Plus if it’s likely to shed anyway, why not use the Minox 🙂

Styling it makes me nervous to think about it. For the past 5-6 years I’ve been sporting side shade and comb over. And now I’m wondering what I should do with it lol

Hey all. 2weeks has past since my hair transplant in Turkey! Thank you all for your patience in waiting another week for an update. After some feedback I have reduced my posting down to a weekly post for the time being. Although I have been taking daily images of my progress and put some in a collage for you so that you can still reference from those “lost days” if you like to.

I have started using monoxidil from day 10 as advised as it is said to grow the hair quicker after shedding phase. In regards to shedding I haven’t really had any yet. When I run my hand through I get singular hairs come off, maybe an earlier sign of things to come or maybe that is because I’ve started minoxidil. From day 8 onwards I started getting pain at the back of my head, basically at the balls behind my ears. It’s a weird pain, feels exactly like muscle pain after a work out but it dosnt cause me much grief but can be tender to touch at time. Recipient site has become more itchy so I’ve put some e45 cream on and that seems to work and reduced the redness even more.

The donor site itself is fine, it’s seems like it’s cleared up on the left side and not noticeable but more noticeable on the right hand side. I’m going for a haircut on Wednesday maybe to tidy up the mess on the side and back.

My daily routine consists of getting up in morning- apply liquid minoxidil-breakfast- take 1 finisteride, biotin, wellmans max vitamins, clinic lotion on recipient and donor , after one hour of lotion being applied I shower with clinic shampoo and finish the night off with minoxidil before bed

Overall I think progress is good and I think the hairline has taken a better shape as some of the hairs that weren’t visible when completely shaved have started to come through as I was worried it was going to look too sharp and still receded (which it does now anyway, but I don’t mind a little)

Will continue to update you guys next week 🙂

Take care

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